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the wikileaks guy [02 Dec 2010|01:06am]
does anyone have any opinions to share on this julian assange character? i just read in the news about him and i can't decide if i should like him or not. what do y'all think?
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september 24, 2010 [24 Sep 2010|04:12pm]
so i am training to be a CASA volunteer.

CASA stands for "court-appointed special advocate", which is a program run through the juvenile justice center here in cook county (the oldest juvenile justice system in the country).

i have read the training manual and learned some interesting things. did you know that the first child welfare case tried in this country was filed by the ASPCA? that's right, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was called in 1899 because some good samaritan heard screams coming from the house next door. apparently a little girl was being locked in the attic by her foster mother, forced to do hard labor, and sometimes beaten. the neighbor contacted the court system in an attempt to get someone to pay attention to the plight of this poor girl. he was told that there was no one assigned to deal with cases like that, and so in desperation he contacted the ASPCA, and they filed for a change of custody order, and won.

so in America, animal rights came before the rights of children. amazing isn't it?
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september 8, 2010 [08 Sep 2010|04:58pm]
so last night i was at "between the covers" and there was a baby squalling a few feet away from me. i turned to look and saw its mother fiddling with her tshirt. all of the sudden she whips out her boob and starts feeding the child. i was quite shocked. breast feeding in public places, yea or nay?
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september 1, 2010 [01 Sep 2010|11:11pm]
i wish i could be as witty in real life as i am online. for example, take the following IM exchange i recently had.

me: well my friend, in the words of judy garland, "i never thought i'd say this, but good night!"

him: i wish you were in me right now. did judy ever say that?

me: only when she was waiting to get her prescriptions refilled.

see? that is pure 100% tonight show gold! why am i never this quick in public?
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august 31, 2010 [31 Aug 2010|10:15pm]
so today i was on my way to between the covers up in rogers park when something stupid happened. i was riding my bike north on clark street, when a southbound driver leaned out his window, yelled something at me and then pelted me with a fistful of pennies. i almost fell off my bike.

he was fat and ugly. i am svelte and cute. so he was probably just jealous. at least that's what i'm telling myself. random acts of violence like that always irritate me.
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top five books [24 Aug 2010|02:13pm]
hello livejournal. this is my current list of top five favorite books of all time:

the persian boy, mary renault
war and peace, leo tolstoy
the electric koolaid acid test, tom wolfe
roots, alex haley
the bible, various

thoughts? your top five?
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august 15, 2010 [15 Aug 2010|07:05pm]
so today was relaxing. i went to church. the sermon was on Luke 12, where jesus says, "i did not come to bring peace but a sword," or something like that. then i walked to jewel for sushi sunday, and on the way saw a man get out of his car in the middle of broadway and start yelling obscenities at the driver behind him. that was fun.

then i went to the CMA volleyball picnic and played some vball. then i went to see Dale down at the churchill, visited with the doggies. then i went to a meeting. now i am chilling out. and then going to another meeting.
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morphology [10 Aug 2010|04:07pm]
so today i learned about mesomorphs, endomorphs and ectomorphs. i believe i am an ectomorph.

i also learned about somatotonia, cerebrotonia and viscerotonia.
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i am gross [06 Aug 2010|10:50pm]
so today i had sex with this guy. typical behavior for me, but the end result was rather funny. we had a minor santorum issue. no big deal, you clean up and move on. but that is not the end of the story.

i biked home and ran into friends on their way to a crystal meth anonymous meeting. i never used crystal, but they invited me to go and hear bhuttu speak, since it was his turn to give the lead. so i went with them.

halfway through the meeting i looked down and spotted what i took to be barbeque sauce on my tshirt. only it wasn't barbeque sauce; it was santorum.

yes, ladies and gentlemen of livejournalland, i sat through an entire 12-step meeting with butt juice on my tshirt. as peter griffin once put it, "nyeaaah ... gross."
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august 2, 2010 [02 Aug 2010|10:36pm]
yesterday was alright. i went to church and heard a sermon on jesus' parable of the rich man who builds a bigger barn and then dies the very same night. it was a good sermon, focusing on the pitfalls of materialism and pride, but the reverend seemed to be implying that inequality and injustice are ok since god evens things out in the end. if that was the point of the sermon, i disagree. i believe it is still important to work for justice and equality in this lifetime.

then i came home and did my chores but i forgot to sign the red book. so i had to ask my case manager to initial my signature this morning so that i don't get a non-compliance notice. three of those in 90 days is grounds for termination of residency.

also while doing my chores i accidentally broke a pvc pipe that channeled condensation away from the air-conditioner. so i had to report that. i felt stupid, like if only i knew how to fix things i wouldn't be such a fucking little faggot.

so by the time yesterday evening ended i was feeling kind of sorry for myself, wishing i could be out drinking and partying with all the queers. but god must have been smiling on me, because at that very moment as i was smoking a cigarette this short latino guy came stumbling up the sidewalk and shook my hand, saying, "i see you man." he was so drunk he almost fell into the bushes. it was a good reminder of where i don't want to be.

today was better. i had my first day at the legal assistance foundation. i got my computer and email set up, and i go back on thursday to start the real work. it is a large office, with room for many lawyers, paralegals and law students. so hopefully things go well there.
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july 31, 2010 [31 Jul 2010|10:52pm]
today was a great day. i got up early and went to a meeting downtown with steve. then i came home and got an IM from ethan inviting me out. so we went to the 95th floor of the hancock tower and had lunch in the signature room. great views of the whole city! then i came home and went to a meeting at new town where i hooked up with wayne and his friends. we went to wilde for dinner and i ate half a reuben. then wayne and i went back to his place to watch family guy.

chicago looks small from a thousand feet up.
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july 29, 2010 [29 Jul 2010|10:42pm]
so i just found out one of my very good friends is getting engaged. woot!

i had a lovely day. i went shopping with loretta, visited wayne, who is not going to prison after all, and went to a great aa meeting.

last night i watched more breaking bad. this episode featured bob odenkirk as smarmy sheister defense attorney. what a riot. that show is so addictive.

also watched several episodes of family guy with wayne. new episodes such as quagmire's dad gets a sex change, peter and friends discover the source of the world's dirty jokes, and lois gets an abortion. wickedly hilarious!!!

and, i discovered an episode of south park i had never seen before!!!!! from the year 2000, the episode is called "pip" and parodies dickens' "great expectations." silly good.
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july 27, 2010 [27 Jul 2010|10:18pm]
today i went swimming in the pool at loretta's building. it was lovely. loretta wore a big floppy sunhat and glasses as we sat on folding recliners smoking cigarettes and sunning ourselves, chatting about families and why children are little snot-and-poop-bags.

then i went to between the covers for my weekly dose of estrogen and crying.

now i am at home reading "i am charlotte simmons" by tom wolfe. a great writer.
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july 20, 2010 [20 Jul 2010|02:37pm]
having a great day. yesterday our facilities manager hooked up my computer to the wireless network so now i can cruise the web from the comfort and privacy of my bedroom. this morning we had a group on interactions between herbal medicines and HIV therapies. tonight i will be attending "between the covers". hopefully i don't get rained on.
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july 17, 2010 [17 Jul 2010|11:59pm]
i was grillmaster today at the "between the covers" AA picnic. we had a meeting, and my sponsor gave a 20-minute lead. it was nice to hear his story.

then i went to the New Town Alano Club for a meeting and went out with some friends for pie and to shoot the shit.

then i came home and watched a few episodes of the TV series "breaking bad". it is a very good show. it shows not only the consequences of bad decision making but also the tragic collateral damage wrought by america's insane "war on drugs". it also touches on the realities of cancer, materialism and economic injustice.
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july 14, 2010 [14 Jul 2010|10:04pm]
today we watched "celestine prophecy" in group. new age spirituality is so disconcerting.

then i met with my case manager.

then i had dinner clean up.

then i went to the 8 oclock meeting at broadway united methodist. i got invited out with guy and his friends benton and patrick for coffee. then i came home.

now i am getting ready to go down to the legal assistance foundation tomorrow morning for my interview.
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and i think you'll agree ... [14 Jul 2010|12:29am]
the thing about gay rights is,

it shouldn't be against the law for gays to marry, adopt children, or become ordained ministers ...

because the fact is, gays DO get married, adopt children, and become ordained ministers ...

and it isn't the end of the world,

or even the human race ...

although sometimes i think it should be.
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july 13, 2010 [13 Jul 2010|10:18pm]
today i had two in-house groups. both were on the subject of assertive communication. i sat listening very passively, aggressively informed the group leader that i did not wish to fill out the ditto sheet, passive-aggressively shared my thoughts with the group in general, assertively collected my purposeful activity log and went out for a smoke when the group was over.

i had lunch dish duty today. it was just me and craig, so he did the dishes while i cleared the cafeteria. only i forgot the dishes under the hot bar and the garbage in the basement. so my case manager paged me after group and told me i had to finish my chores. which i did.

after dinner i went to my weekly "between the covers" meeting. it was as full as ever of estrogen.

following the meeting i biked down broadway to meet wayne. we walked down to the lake and talked about our adventures in recovery. he told me about a problem he was having with his roommate and i told him how to handle the situation assertively.
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and finally!!!! [12 Jul 2010|03:38pm]
i am out of rehab again. it's nice to be out.

i have not been homeless, technically. i was and am officially homeless but i have been plugged in to the service agencies that are set up for people in my situation, so i have a roof over my head.

life is getting so ridiculous. i can hardly watch the news anymore because it upsets me.

i saw a play called "fucking men". it was good.

the pride parade was awesome. this time i watched it from the sidelines instead of marching with the alcoholics. it was nice to just watch.

one of my friends booked an out-of-town concert-going weekend with a male escort because he couldn't find anyone to go with him who liked the dave matthews band. then at the last minute, one of his friends asked if he could accompany him. so my friend canceled with the prostitute, which made the prostitute angry. i told my friend that if prostitution were legal, he would have had to sign a contract and possibly pay a retainer, which would be the contingency fee for a last-minute cancellation. as it is, he got off without having to pay a cent. he is in alcoholics anonymous, so i am curious to know whether this decision calls for a 9th step amends to be made. any thoughts?
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of course [16 Nov 2009|12:59pm]
it's not all bad. i am finished with paralegal school, and i earned my certificate.
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